How to Clean Shower Doors with Baking Soda and Vinegar | A Beginner Guide

It’s not easy at all to prevent soap scum and stains from shower doors. The doors become unsightly from the spilling of soapy water, and bathroom grime. It’s an ordinary task to all. Nobody can escape or avoid this puzzle.

Though most of us used to reach out to the commercial cleaner to solve it out, unfortunately it can’t ensure us a long time solution. How do you remove soap scum and stains from shower doors? What’s the ultimate solution? I’ve had myself this question as I was ignorant about it. Now I never concern about this simple issue anymore.

 If you are sensible about this matter, you can quickly clean the doors. For that, you have to gather baking soda and vinegar. These are chemical substance. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate while vinegar contains acetic acid. Acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate provide much protection against the scum, grime, and stains. However, you can apply these onto the doors individually to clean it up. Besides, you can combine both to enhance the cleaning ability. Let’s discuss in details how to clean shower doors applying chemistry equation.

The cleaning process of shower doors using baking soda:

Baking soda can be used to remove soap scum and water spot from the doors. It’s available everywhere and also an affordable way to clean up materials. Sodium bicarbonate contains superior power which works against stains and grime. That is why every sensible person particularly reaches out it to get a better solution. The step by step process is given below.

  • Mix the baking soda with water:
    First of all, you have to mix the baking soda with water in a plastic container. Use less water to get a better paste. Baking soda can’t work against germs without water. Thereby, mixing with water is the principal task to get better output. Don’t use high boiled water, and it can be dangerous for you. Additionally, you have to wear gloves and goggles to protect your skin and eye since it chemical stuff.

  • Let the water be fizzled:
  • You could discover the water is fizzing. Don’t worry! Let it fizzle to mix all. Unless it fizzles, it seems your baking soda is less convincing.  So let the water be fizzled for a long time to mix thoroughly.

  • Damp the shower door with water:
  • Damp your shower door so that the paste can work actively. If the door’s layer becomes dry, the sodium bicarbonate couldn’t get into the soap scum and stains spontaneously. As a result, the grime never be removed. So it’s inevitable to dampen the door glass beforehand.

  • Apply the paste onto the shower doors:
  • After damping the door, your next campaign is applying the paste onto it with a clean wash clothes. You have to set the paste everywhere on the door. The place where the soap scum accumulated in need best of care. Don’t overuse the paste lest it should be hazardous.

  • Take time to set the paste onto the door:
  • Don’t be in a hurry, Take time to place the paste onto the doors. It approximately can take fifteen minutes. So you can do other household work or take rest for a while. You can’t expect better result unless you take the proper time for it. The paste will be actionable against the scum after an extended period. You have to be sensible and apply the whole process correctly.

  • Wipe the shower door with a cleaning clothe:
  • After having a short time interval, you have to wipe the entire doors with a soft cloth. The clothing should be tidy and smooth. You have to keep wiping up recurrently until the stains removed. It’s difficult enough thereby you can do it at several intervals.

  • Wash the door with water:
  • Whenever you’ve stepped up earlier duties, it means you’ve done the job. It’s time to wash the door with clean water. After removing the door stains properly, you will discover a spotless and stainless door in front of you.

    That’s it. You can be free from scum concern for a long time after accomplishing this tactic accurately. It’s a better and cheaper way to clean the shower doors up.

    The cleaning process of shower doors using vinegar:

    Protecting shower doors seem comfortable using vinegar. It’s a chemical substance featured with acetic acid. To prevent germ and stains, acetic acid is active all along. It works against the deep grime and stains instantly. Consequently, we can clean up our using material without harassment through it.  Let’s talk about the cleaning process of shower doors using vinegar.

  • Saturate the stain with vinegar:
  • Vinegar is a liquid substance. It usually kept into a bottle. Firstly you have to saturate the shower door’s stain with vinegar. You should keep spraying vinegar for a while so that the whole body of the door’s become filled out. Observe whether the stain place become filled with vinegar or not. If not, pay attention to it. Vinegar is harmful to the skin so try to use hand gloves and goggles while spraying it.

  • Take time before scrubbing:
  • After saturating the door, you have to take nearly three or four minutes interval. The vinegar will start removing germs within this short period. It will be better if you take much time for it. Never be hurry up!

  • Start scrubbing:
  • It’s time to begin cleaning the shower door. You can use a soft towel to carry out scrubbing exquisitely. Keep wiping the door for a while. But if the stains become consistent, you have to scrub for an extended period. Don’t give it up until the stain removed completely.

  • Wash the door with pure water:
  • It looks so much messy after stopping out scrubbing. Then you have to wash the whole door with clean water. The grime will be spilled out with water. Just keep up watering the doors until all scum is removed. After a while, you could discover a fresh and new shower glass in front of you.

    That’s a super idea to everyone. It’s easier and cheaper. Anyone can apply this process at home to clean up one’s shower doors properly.

    The cleaning process of shower doors using baking soda and vinegar together:

    The stains and germs will never come back if you clean up your shower doors accurately. And the accuracy comes from the simultaneous use of baking soda and vinegar. It will be more active against stains when you combine baking soda and vinegar. It will form carbolic acid which can remove all types of grime and stains immediately. Let’s discuss the whole process..

    • Place some baking soda in a plastic container.
    • Pour down measured vinegar into the container.
    • Use a spoon to mix it up thoroughly. It will form into the paste.
    • Cover the door glass with the paste.
    • Water the door to  remove the stains with the paste.
    • Dry out the door with a soft cloth.

    Alternative ways of cleaning shower doors:

    Multiple techniques are available to clean up your shower doors. You can apply the suitable one according to your interest. But you have to be sensible about all the concept. Several alternative cleaning tactics have written below for better outcome.

  • Commercial cleaners:
  • People particularly the busy one used to apply commercial cleaners to clean up materials. The commercial cleaner is made with bleach, ammonia and other harsh chemicals. Anyone can use these without much trouble. Thereby the cleaners seem much acceptable to us. However, various cleaners found in the market. You can choose the affordable one which is safer for your family.

  • Lemon juice and salt:
  • Lemon juice contains citric acid. It’s much active against germs. Most of the shower doors made with metal, in this regard the lemon juice can work on metal correctly. It will be much beneficial if you use lemon juice mixing with salt. Both are operative against germs and stains.

  • Lemon or orange oil:
  • Ancient people relied on natural stuff to keep their materials clean and tidy. They used lemon or orange oil to execute their cleaning duty. In this regard, to prevent stain and soap scum from shower doors, you can apply lemon or orange oil on a regular basis. It works with grime immensely and let the door be cleaned overnight. Even it never allow rusting stain come back.


    Keeping shower doors clean and tidy all along isn’t easy at all. The door will be rusted and stained. It’s a natural law. Nobody could escape it but can be solved for a certain period. The baking soda and vinegar are much capable of preventing the doors from scum and stains. Even it’s a straightforward process and affordable to all.

    That’s why people are reaching out to baking soda and vinegar to clean up their day to day materials including doors, floor, utensils and so on. These chemical substances can easily remove grime and make things sparking than before. However, if you’re anxious about shower door staining, reach out to baking soda and vinegar at once.

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