How to Take a Shower Inside a Carrier

A lot of mothers over the years have asked us this common question about using a baby carrier for shower. However, after searching for a few information online and asked some mothers for tips. Yes, when you are using a carrier for showering the baby, there are some important things to maintain.

Whether you are taking a shower with the baby or just showering the baby, the safety of the baby is very important. Because the baby cannot tell you its problem while bathing. And when you are bathing your baby inside the carrier there are some safety tips and important factors.

New parents are always considering the comfort of their child is a win. So, thinking about all this, there are some things you must watch out. Hence, we are going to give you a proper baby showering tips and guidelines about baby carriers.

Shower Inside a Baby Carrier

When you're using a carrier, it is quite understandable that your kid is always latching onto you. Yes, you are always keeping your kid with the carrier. So, if you can properly use the carrier, it can be great for several reasons. When you are showering with your baby, it's all about you getting cleaned. No matter what you say, the baby doesn't even care even if it gets a bath or not.

To be honest, babies are not that disturbed with the parent's stinky scent. Because babies use your body scent so that they can guide themselves to the breast. So, the body scent is somehow quite useful for them.

You have to think about the timing of showering with your baby. Choosing the best time for taking a bath with your baby is quite important for any parent. Just having the perfect timing and ensuring the proper balance after wearing the carrier will do. Just like we said, babies don't care even if they take a shower or not. When you are bathing with them, it's about you. There are some benefits of bathing with your babies with a carrier. Mainly, it can keep your baby occupied with you, and make the bathing experience easier.

Should You or Should you not take a Shower With Your Toddler?

First of all, thinking about safety while bathing is crucial. Yes, bathing with the baby is not that of an easy task. You have to consider the safety facts and other small stuff. So, is it really very safe to take a shower with your toddler? To be honest, it's not safe to take a shower with your baby inside a carrier.

A carrier is mainly a piece of equipment for keeping your baby in check with you. However, depending on the type of carrier, you can decide whether you should take a shower or not. The reason is quite simple as your body is slippery. Even the body of the baby is very slippery. Thus, when you are taking a shower, there is a chance of having an accident.

What we are trying to say is that there is a chance for the baby falling on the floor. If you check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report, you can understand the whole thing a lot. There are a lot of things going on with the shower. There is the water pressure, and the features of the carrier working on with your bathing. Also, if you use typical shower products, it can hurt the baby's eye or the delicate body parts.

However, a one-handed baby carrier is not the best of options out there for you. You should rather choose a product that can keep the baby in check and reduce hazards. Depending on the carrier type, taking a shower with the baby is now a safe bet for most parents.

How many times should you shower with your baby?

As an adult, you need to take a shower regularly. However, the toddler doesn't need to take a bath daily. Usually, kids are sensitive to cold. So, bathing regularly can create a lot of problems for them. Until the toddler starts to eat solid food, you should shower them once or twice a week. Well, there are many other factors considering showering the baby.

How to take a shower inside a carrier?

There are many questions from a new mother about how to take shower when you have a toddler. Well, the main question is actually, how to shower with a 1 year old? But this process takes some necessary precautions and important considerations. To give you a proper understanding of taking a shower with the baby, we need to talk them into three different segments. First of all, you need to think, when you should take a shower? What are the things that can ensure the safety of the showering experience, and how should you take the shower.

When should you take a shower with your toddler?

Earlier we said, choosing a time for the shower is very crucial for the baby. Baby cannot complain even if you try to communicate with them. There are other important things regarding the problems, and we can give you some tips about the whole process.

Taking a shower in the morning is the best possible way to keep your baby cheery. Babies tend to stay cheerful and fun-loving in the morning time. Afternoons or evenings can be the worst of times to take a bath together.

 Yes, if your baby takes a long nap in the evening or afternoon, you can always take a bath with them. However, if you take a bath in the worst possible times, the baby will have a bad mood. So, the early hours can be the best time for taking a bath with the baby. You really have to count on the timing first.

What other things should you get to ensure safety while showering?

The first segment of this content implies that taking a shower with your baby can be risky. There are a lot of things working behind the scenes that you need to watch out. First of all, you have to think about what type of carrier you have at your disposal. Yes, we can give you some essential tips regarding the whole matter. But you have to think about purchasing other important things to ensure safety. Here is a list of the necessary products below:

  • A shower slinger for baby
  • Mesh baby carrier for shower
  • Beachfront baby wrap
  • Water sling
  • Shower mat
  • Pump bottles
  • Baby bath soaps or shampoos
  • Shower sling for baby

Also, you can follow these tips regarding the baby staying safe. Because, when you are going to bath with your baby, there are times when you will need to keep them on the floor. But with the help of these thinks, you can condition the hair.

First of all, you can get a baby bathtub for the toddler. Doing so, you can increase the safety standards by a margin. Not to mention, you can also use the sink.

Aside from that, if you want to keep them occupies, keep some toys. Yes, this way you can keep them busy. Also, keep the toys within their reach and make sure the toys are not harmful or dangerous.

How should you take a shower with your toddler?

You have to ensure some important measurements about taking a shower with the toddler. No, we are not talking about safety tips rather how you should take the approach. Here are some tips for showering with a toddler.

  • If you can make the baby sleepy, bathing can get very easy. Yes, just like we said, the baby doesn't care even if it doesn't take a shower. So, you have to think about making get dizzy. Well, feeding them a lot can always make them drowsy all the time.
  • Feeding them can always keep the baby occupied with burping. Yes, this is an effective way for the new baby to stay occupied. Even the sleepiness can keep them very busy all the time.
  • You have to think about how much time the baby will play with itself. Well, there isn't much time for the whole process. Actually, a baby will play for 20 minutes on average. So, you don't have enough time to wash the toilet, so just shampoo your hair.
  •  When you are taking a shower inside a baby career, try to keep the strings tight. Also, keeping a waterproof baby carrier for shower can do you good. Well, that doesn't mean that your baby won't get water. Rather, it’s the product itself that needs to withstand water. Waterproof models need to be rough and tight in wet conditions.

Taking safety measurements while taking a shower with your baby inside the carrier

You have to stay safe while taking a bath. Yes, when you are using the baby carrier, there is a high risk of sling loosening. If the baby falls in the ground, you have to think about taking safety measurements. Everything depends on the way you are wearing the baby carrier. So, here are some common safety measurements while wearing a baby carrier.

  • If you are a new parent and don't know how to properly wear the baby carrier, do some practice. Because you have to get used to the carrier itself. Also, when you are taking a bath with your baby, you will face multiple problems such as water pressure and other things.
  • Make sure your baby has a good position inside the carrier. Otherwise, the toddler will feel uncomfortable. Get used to the position and stand under the shower.
  • Get used to the balance. Because the baby carrier can put an impact over your balance. So, it's important to get used to the balance. In the bathroom, the floors are slippery, and the water pressure also affects your balance. You need to get used with the conditions and take care of your baby.

Pick a child carrier – tips while purchasing your baby carrier

So, when you have done your research on the whole matter, you better think of picking the best child carrier out there in the market. The job can be pretty daunting when you also take a shower with him/her. Well, as a new parent, the job is very daunting indeed. However, following these simple tips can help you get a grip over the purchase process.

What type of baby carrier do you want?

First, decide what type of baby carrier you want. Mainly, there are 5 basic types of the baby carrier in the whole market. We will give you a short description of each type now.

  • Baby Wrap carrier
  • Mei-Tai
  • Mesh baby carrier for shower
  • Soft-structured carrier
  • Frame backpacks

When you are going to take a shower with your baby, avoiding the frame backpack carrier and the soft structure ones is the best choice. Baby wrap and mesh carriers are the best types out there.

Waterproof and construction

Yes, you have to purchase a waterproof baby carrier for shower. Yes, the construction material is the main thing here. Because, if the construction cannot withstand water, you will have to change the carrier. Chances are that the slings will get lost, or the carrier might loosen up.


When we talked about the safety measurements, we said that the carrier can affect both your balance and control. Without a proper size, it will put an impact over the movement. So, picking the right size is always a crucial thing. Especially, new parents should consider this and wear the baby carrier.

Final Verdict

Getting a baby carrier for shower is about getting yourself a chance to take shower. For new parents, how one can take the shower is an important concern. Yes, the slings tend to loosen up and the carrier won't stay in the right position. So, there are chances of possible risks. However, doing your research and proper picking process, you can get a bathing baby carrier.

We tried to include some good tips regarding the whole process, and also gave you all the suggestions for picking a good baby carrier.

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